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Re.school Forum
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24-25 June 2020 Watch webinar

Re.school Forum 2020

Presentations and round tables to address the issues that concern schools in times of pandemic


  • Education is also prevention
  • A school model without walls
  • Technology, flexibility and adaptation
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Two-thirds of the audience thought that schools would be teaching under a hybrid model in September 2020, and just over half of the attendees considered that their institution was still not prepared for each and every possible scenario.

The educational world has advanced 5 years in just 3 months, and the great challenge for teachers today is their ability to adapt to any scenario, not just to COVID-19. Based on six challenges posed by grouping the different problems that arose from the COVID-19 crisis, we developed a blueprint out of good practices shared by teachers. The six pillars are: health and logistics, teaching, curriculum, outcomes, communication with students & families, and teacher wellbeing.

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A two-day intensive program (3 hours per day), in which we will cover all aspects of concern for schools at this time of change.

24 June

  • UK 6:00 pm
    ES 19:00 h
    MX 12:00 h

    Welcome · Introduction and presentation of the re.school Forum
  • UK 6:15 pm
    ES 19:15 h
    MX 12:15 h

    Retos post COVID-19: ¿cuáles son los escenarios posibles?
    (in Spanish)
  • UK 7:00 pm
    ES 20:00 h
    MX 13:00 h

    ¿Cómo serán los colegios a partir de ahora?
    (in Spanish)
  • UK 7:55 pm
    ES 20:55 h
    MX 13:55 h

    ¿Cómo la tecnología y EdTech pueden ser parte de la solución?
    (in Spanish)
  • UK 8:50 pm
    ES 21:50 h
    MX 14:50 h

    Launch of re.school IdeaLab · Closing

25 June

  • UK 6:00 pm
    ES 19:00 h
    MX 12:00 h

    Welcome · Recap day 1 · Introduction day 2
  • UK 6:15 pm
    ES 19:15 h
    MX 12:15 h

    Lessons learnt & best practices in curriculum delivery: maths
  • UK 7:00 pm
    ES 20:00 h
    MX 13:00 h

    Aprendizajes & mejores prácticas en aplicación de currículum: competencia lingüística
    (in Spanish)
  • UK 7:45 pm
    ES 20:45 h
    MX 13:45 h

    Bienestar del docente: cómo mantenerse arriba en tiempos difíciles
    (in Spanish)
  • UK 8:20 pm
    ES 21:20 h
    MX 14:20 h

    Cómo mejorar el aprendizaje en tiempos de gran incertidumbre
    (in Spanish)
  • UK 8:50 pm
    ES 21:50 h
    MX 14:50 h

    Launch of re.school IdeaLab · Closing


  • Carmen Pellicer

    Carmen Pellicer

    Fundación Trilema, Spain

    President of Trilema Foundation. Social entrepreneur at ASHOKA Fellow 2016. Pedagogue, writer and teacher, currently manages the journal of Education ‘Cuadernos de Pedagogía’. Chair and Co-director at Executive Intelligence at the Nebrija University.

  • Óscar Abellón

    Óscar Abellón

    Escolapios Soria, Spain

    Director and Maths teacher at Escolapios de Soria, the school that has surpassed all countries in Reading and Mathematics in the last PISA report. Google Certified Educator (Level 1 and 2) and Certified Innovator.

  • Fidelma Murphy

    Fidelma Murphy

    Cognita Schools, Spain

    Director of Education at Cognita Schools. With a wide international experience at the forefront of education, she leads the academic area promoting educational excellence in their schools.

  • Lola Reeves

    Lola Reeves

    Educational consultant, Spain

    Specialist in SLA, SLDs, CLIL and an educational psychologist. Counselor in public and private institutions, the ministry of education and the Education departments in regional governments.

  • David Bueno

    David Bueno

    Universidad de Barcelona, Spain

    Doctor of Biology, professor and researcher of Genetics at the University of Barcelona and Director of the UB-EDU1ST Chair of Neuroeducation. Author of several books and scientific articles.

  • Enrique Celma

    Enrique Celma

    iteNlearning, Spain

    BDM at iteNlearning - Neurodevelopment Ed. Tech. Pro Tools Company. Microsoft Teacher Engagement Manager and leader in Digital Transformation in schools for Governments and the Education Ecosystem.

  • Jorge Yzusqui

    Jorge Yzusqui

    Innova Schools, Peru

    Co-founder of Innova Schools, the largest chain of schools in Peru and director of companies of the Intercorp Group. He has been a member of the Spanish National Council of Education and professor at the UPC graduate school (Laureate).

  • Àlex Cerdà

    Àlex Cerdà

    Princess Margaret School, Spain

    President of EPIC (Independent Private Schools of Catalonia). Owner and director of Princess Margaret School of Barcelona. First school in Barcelona city officially certified to teach IB programs (PYP/MYP).

  • Miquel Amor

    Miquel Amor

    Fundació Jesuïtes Educació, Spain

    Innovation and Training director at Fundació Jesuïtes Educació, Horitzó+ Educational project owner and promoter. Music teacher and Master Degree in innovation and information and communicaton technologies.

  • Mohit Midha

    Mohit Midha

    Mangahigh, UK

    CEO & Co-Founder of Mangahigh – a game-based learning resource for K-10 maths & K-2 coding. In use by 7,500 schools in several countries worldwide, Mangahigh is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese & German.

  • Cristina Tunica

    Cristina Tunica

    Fundació Collserola, Spain

    English philologist. English Department coordinator at the Fundació Collserola and teacher. She promotes the use of the linguistic competence crosscurricularly and to life-skills school activities.

  • Lucio Manfredi

    Lucio Manfredi

    Matific, Argentina

    Vice President Business Development for Latin America at Matific, an award-winning Math educational platform designed by pedagogical experts, implemented in more than 60 countries.

  • Francisco Javier Brioso

    Francisco Javier Brioso

    Attendis group, Spain

    Primary school teacher with more that 15 years experience in primary schooling within the Attendis group. Completing a doctorate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. An educator by occupation with great admiration for his students.

  • Josep Vives i Gràcia

    Josep Vives i Gràcia

    Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain

    General director at Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Researcher and author of published papers related to library management, literacy and intellectual property.

  • Mª Carmen Palomino

    Mª Carmen Palomino

    La Salle Córdoba, Spain

    Teacher of Mathematics and English. Innovation Team Coordinator for Nursery and Primary years. She promotes bilingualism and the integration of technologies and computational thinking in curricular learning.

  • Brian Butterworth

    Brian Butterworth

    University College London, UK

    Emeritus professor of cognitive neuropsychology in the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London. He is currently testing his new digital games for dyscalculia in Europe and Asia.

  • Luis García

    Luis García

    Genially, Spain

    CMO and Co-Founder of Genially, an educational tool with more than five million users, awarded as the best startup of the future at the GESA Edtech Awards 2020. Specialist in Visual Communication and Strategic Marketing.

  • Víctor Sánchez

    Víctor Sánchez

    Smile and Learn, Spain

    CEO and founder of Smile and Learn, a 360º adaptive educational platform for children from 3 to 12 years old. Awarded by the European Commission, it has more than 5,000 activities in apps and videos in five languages.

  • Carlos Alonso

    Carlos Alonso

    Edutech Cluster, Spain

    Head of Education Business at HP, president of Edutech Cluster, and member of the organisational committee of SIMO Education. In constant search for educational improvement through innovation.

  • Ramon Eixarch

    Ramon Eixarch

    Wiris, Spain

    CEO and co-founder of Wiris, solutions suite for creating mathematical content. Its flagship product is the equation editor MathType, the leading editor for all the major educational platforms.

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