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21-22 June 2021 Watch webinar

Re.school GSA Forum 2021

Learning for the future


  • Education is the cornerstone of the social structure
  • The school must instigate a thirst for knowledge
  • If innovation is not shared, it is not innovation.
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87% of the attendees consider that schools do not teach the skills that children and young people will need in ten to fifteen years’ time.

The second edition of the Re.school Forum presents a four-day debate forum (with two days in English and two in Spanish) led by 31 experts from the world of education. The conference addresses five essential pillars that must be rethought within the framework of the new educational paradigm: what the school of the future will be like, the curriculum and the skills it should include, literacy as a key skill to improve learning, assessment, and teacher training.

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A two-day intensive program (3 hours per day), in which we will cover all aspects of concern for schools at this time of change.

21 June

  • UK 5:00 pm
    US 12:00 pm (EST)
    ES 18:00 h

    Welcome · Introduction of the Re.school GSA Forum 2021
  • UK 5:10 pm
    US 12:10 pm (EST)
    ES 18:10 h

    Opening keynote: We need SMART schools
  • UK 5:35 pm
    US 12:35 pm (EST)
    ES 18:35 h

    Roundtable: A curriculum for the future - which skills do we need to teach?
  • UK 6:30 pm
    US 1:30 pm (EST)
    ES 19:30 h

    Keynote: Teaching literacy 360º
  • UK 7:00 pm
    US 2:00 pm (EST)
    ES 20:00 h

    Rountable: Teaching literacy is a gateway skill to improve overall learning
  • UK 7:55 pm
    US 2:55 pm (EST)
    ES 20:55 h

    Closing day 1 Re.school GSA Forum

22 June

  • UK 5:00 pm
    US 12:00 pm (EST)
    ES 18:00 h

    Welcome · Introduction day 2
  • UK 5:10 pm
    US 12:10 pm (EST)
    ES 18:10 h

    Fireside chat: Assessment
  • UK 5:35 pm
    US 12:35 pm (EST)
    ES 18:35 h

    Roundtable: How to assess learning in a changing world?
  • UK 6:30 pm
    US 1:30 pm (EST)
    ES 19:30 h

    Roundtable. Train the teacher: building a culture of continuous learning
  • UK 7:25 pm
    US 2:25 pm (EST)
    ES 20:25 h

    Closing keynote: Using technology to teach and learn better
  • UK 7:55 pm
    US 2:55 pm (EST)
    ES 20:55 h

    Closing Re.school GSA Forum 2021


  • Carol Allen

    Carol Allen

    Teacher and SEN practitioner, UK

    Education Advisor for ICT and Inclusion and teacher since 1980 both in mainstream schools and in schools for students with learning difficulties. She was named as one of the top ten educators for her work in inclusion, #EdTech2018.

  • Kevin Baird

    Kevin Baird

    Achieve 3000, US

    Kevin chairs the Center for College & Career Readiness, is the Chief Academic Officer at Achieve3000, and serves on the Board of NABU, partnering with the UN to improve global literacy.

  • Carolina Bergamasco

    Carolina Bergamasco

    Cognita Schools, Chile

    She holds an MA from UCL Institute of Education. She spent several years leading K-12 teams, in addition to work as a headteacher. She is currently involved in the EdTech rollout at Cognita Schools.

  • Adam Bushnell

    Adam Bushnell

    Author, UK

    Best selling and award winning author of over thirty fictional and academic books. He works in the UK and internationally in both state and private education delivering creative writing workshops to children and adults.

  • Devin Carberry

    Devin Carberry

    Learnlife, Spain

    Director of Learning and the founding learning guide for Learnlife Barcelona. For the last twenty years, he has worked in different educational settings — from after school to public policy and from classroom teaching to non-profit leadership.

  • Virat Chirania

    Virat Chirania

    The Art Of Living Foundation, India

    Dr. Virat Chirania is a TEDx Speaker, a Global Yogi and a Meditation Coach. He holds a PhD in Emotional Intelligence. He quit his corporate career to train young adults on soft skills and mind management.

  • Sarah Davies

    Sarah Davies

    E-Act Royton and Crompton Academy

    Author of Talking about Oracy which focusses on the development of effective communication beyond the parameters of the classroom. She is currently Associate Assistant Head Teacher and the Head of English at a secondary academy.

  • Nell K. Duke

    Nell K. Duke

    University of Michigan, US

    Professor of education and psychology focused on early literacy development, particularly among children living in economic poverty.

  • Angela Fairs

    Angela Fairs

    Full Circle Educational Consultancy

    Experienced international education expert who works with Boards, governors and school leaders to future proof schools, through innovative edtech, curriculum and assessment design, and staff development.

  • Naomi Harm

    Naomi Harm

    Innovative Educator Consulting

    EdTech influencer, women in leadership strategist and entrepreneur. She has a passion and drive for instigating STEM innovation and future proofing educational leadership into all of her professional learning offerings.

  • Stephen Heppell

    Stephen Heppell

    Universidad Camilo José Cela, Spain

    Felipe Segovia Chair of Learning Innovation at UCJC. Global leader in the fields of Education Technology and physical learning space design. Founder of Heppell.net, a learning policy & project consultancy.

  • Sven Huber

    Sven Huber

    Fiction Express, Spain/UK

    CEO of the interactive book platform Fiction Express & Co-Founder of RE.SCHOOL. Social and EdTech entrepreneur and passionate about innovation in education.

  • TJ Juttla

    TJ Juttla

    QTS, UK

    Founder and Managing Directing of Quality Teacher Suppliers (QTS). He's an education enthusiast who wants to make an impact on the future of the world and believes it can be done by making the right changes in education now.

  • Kathrine Mortimore

    Kathrine Mortimore

    Torquay Academy, UK

    Associate Assistant Principal for Literacy at Torquay Academy. She is particularly interested in tackling social inequalities through education. Author of 'Disciplinary Literacy and Explicit Vocabulary Teaching'.

  • Cristina Puig

    Cristina Puig

    Fiction Express, Spain/UK

    Serial entrepreneur in Edtech, co-founder and COO at Fiction Express. Strong believer that overcoming weak literacy skills is the basis to improve learning outcomes.

  • Pirjo Suhonen

    Pirjo Suhonen

    ALO Finland, Finland

    Founder of ALO Finland, which offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) on Finnish Education. She is a strong believer on life-long learning and is passionate about creativity, innovation and global education.

  • Jon Tait

    Jon Tait

    Areté Learning Trust, UK

    Deputy CEO and Director of School Improvement at the Areté Learning Trust in North Yorkshire, UK. Education author for Bloomsbury Education, blogger and speaker.

  • Simon Walker

    Simon Walker

    STEER Education, UK

    Co-founder of STEER Education, a pioneering UK ed tech company which trains students to steer their cognition. An applied cognitive biologist, he has taught at Oxford University and advised UNESCO and the UK government.

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