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Why we exist

21st century schools for 21st century kids: thinking outside the box. Join the conversation with the best minds to envisage the school of tomorrow.

Re.school origins

Covid-19 has triggered a health, economic and social crisis. In the field of Education, it has initiated the greatest change of the modern era, exposing the fragility of the system and the need for urgent structural change.

To find answers, we have to start #reThinkingSchools, with the ultimate goal of specifying a new model of school and teaching that adapts to current times and advances alongside society.

Sven Huber & Cristina Puig

Re.school is an initiative driven by Sven Huber and Cristina Puig, two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Spanish educational system. With extensive international experience behind them, they developed their first educational project in 2011, Boolino, which quickly became the largest Spanish-speaking reading recommendation platform. After their experience in different business models related to promoting reading in families, Sven and Cristina directed their steps towards the educational sector. Faithful to their mission of encouraging young people to read, they developed the Fiction Express platform, winner of multiple international awards, including the Bett Awards 2020, Education Resources Awards 2019 and Teach Primary 5* Awards 2019. It is amongst the start-ups with most projected growth in the current Spanish EdTech scene.

Sven and Cristina organise Re.school alongside other leading EdTech entrepreneurs and companies in a combined effort to help schools and teachers envisage what schools will look like in 2020/21 and beyond.

Press releases

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